Welcome to the Gold Panner Campground

A Unique Family Experience!

Gold has always been a part of the history at the Gold Panner, with each owner leaving traces of their experiences; the forest is full of little treasures that unfold a story of time passed.  There are 8 kms of walking trails that give you access to both the Monashee Creek and the Heckman Creek.

The Gold Panner Campground was founded on a Chinese heritage mining operation and the grounds are steeped with history dating back to the 1840’s. After the California gold rush, Chinese immigrants came to the area to mine gold and silver. It wasn’t long before it grew into a small community consisting of two houses and one cabin on a claim.  By 1895, the location was a small mining camp, with about 250 miners, located deep within the canyon walls of Cherry Creek (now known as Monashee Creek).

Today the Gold Panner Campground is still home to 2 active gold claims. These are open to the public for a fee. Please make sure you register at the office when you come to visit us in our little piece of Paradise.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Jenn & Tim


BC’s Gold Mountain

In the Fall of 2018, we were excited to host the documentarians filming ” Gold Mountain: The True Story of the BC Gold Rush”.  The 14 minute short film details the history of Chinese Immigrants in BC during the gold rush, and features local historian, prospector, and former Gold Panner owner, Jim Ritchie.