Cherryville BC has a humid continental climate with hot summers days and cool nights. Spring and fall are the driest seasons, and summer and winter are the wettest seasons. Fog often sets in during the winter. Cherryville is wetter and cooler than Vernon BC, but is still dry enough to contain natural grasslands, especially on south facing slopes.

During the summer months, Cherryville has one of the highest diurnal temperature variations in Canada with a daily temperature swing of 20.1 °C (36.2 °F) in August.

Cherryville is at a transition point between the semi-arid dry belt to the west and the interior rainforest to the east. Both wet and dry vegetation are common in Cherryville.

Weather Facts:
Driest Year (1967) = 318 mm (13 in)
Wettest Year (1982) = 788 mm (31 in)
Warmest Year (1998) = 8.2 °C (47 °F)
Coldest Year (1996) = 4.8 °C (41 °F)

BC Highway Web Cam

This web cam is in the Monashee Pass very close to the Gold Panner Campground.

BC HighwayCam Website (you can also replay a 24 hour timelapse)

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Cherryville, BC Canada AccuWeather Forcast

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Cherryville has an elevation of approximately 2000 feet.